Per Incident Support

If you are not in need of a monthly support plan or you simply have a one time project to address, one of our per incident support options will likely meet your requirements. Most issues can be billed hourly although there are several common services for which we offer standard rates. Please look over the following list. If you don't find an option that matches your needs, please contact us and allow us to develop a plan to solve your problems. Larger projects may be billed at lower rates.

There may be times when DKS Computer Services will partner with or subcontract third parties to provide specialized services. Rates for these services can vary and may be billed separately.

All onsite work will be billed in 30 minute increments with a two hour minimum. Any work done offsite or remotely will be billed in 15 minute increments with no minimum time requirements.

Item Name Price-

Onsite Personal Consultation and Diagnosis (per hour)

This is our standard hourly rate. Most configuration issues can be resolved with an onsite consultation. This is also our rate for onsite tutoring. Offsite or remote work can be billed by the task or per hour at a lower rate. (30 minute increments, 2 hour minimum)

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Offsite Repair and Support (per hour)

This is the rate we charge when doing offsite support. This includes offsite computer repair, document creation/modification, systems and network monitoring, and troubleshooting via remote access. (15 minute increments, no minimum)

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Network Development and Support (per hour)

This is our rate for advanced network related services and development such as DNS management, firewall configuration, or network troubleshooting. This is also the rate assessed for the implementation of advanced domain services and database administration. (15 minute increments, no minimum offsite, 2 hour minimum onsite)

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VoIP Consultation and Deployment (per hour)

This is our hourly rate for VoIP deployment. Most configuration is done offsite but the rate is the same for onsite calls. (15 minute increments, 2 hour minimum. This is the rate for both onsite and offsite work. The minimum can be split between the two.)

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Website Development (per hour)

This is the rate we charge for advanced website development including scripting and web database management. (This is the offsite rate. 15 minute increments, no minimum)

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Website Design (per hour)

This is our standard rate for document and/or web design and related consultation. (This is the offsite rate. 15 minute increments, no minimum)

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Mileage (per mile)

A mileage fee may be charged if a consultant is required to drive more than 30 miles for an appointment, however we will always try to assign the nearest qualified consultant. Parking and tolls may also be assessed.

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Miscellaneous Charges

Use this for any miscellaneous charges or expenses such as parking or tolls.

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