Network Management and Deployment Services

DKS Computer Services provides our clients with robust, scalable, and secure networking solutions for business and home environments alike. Let us help you take charge of your existing computer network or build one from the ground up to maximize performance and reliability.

Our staff has the expertise of advanced networking concepts necessary to help you protect your network and data from hackers as well as provide redundancy in the event of system or service failures. Keeping your information assets safe and secure can begin with an evaluation by a skilled DKS Computer Services consultant.

Business Networking Solutions

DKS Computer Services' talented administrators have all the requisite skills to deploy and maintain a secure, reliable, and performance optimized network environment capable of servicing any requirements you might have. We have broad experience in a wide variety of environments and are able to tailor the right network to match your needs.

Below are a few of the network services we provide:

  • Manage your Domain Name Service (DNS) records to ensure all of your services are routed to the correct servers.
  • Secure your network through firewall and intrusion prevention configuration
  • Configure Cisco switches and routers with QOS options, VLAN and traffic shaping options, Cisco IPsec and SSL VPN Client configurations, Site to Site VPN Tunneling, Firewall, Content security and Intrusion Prevention
  • Configure SonicWall Firewall routers with options for Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware protection for your computer users, traffic shaping, QOS options, VLAN and traffic shaping options, VPN Client configurations, Site to Site VPN Tunneling, Content security and Intrusion Prevention

  • Configure wireless networking with security and testing for signal strength coverage
  • VoIP performance tuned data networking so that you data and voice traffic can work harmoniously over a single DSL or T1 line.
  • Installation and configuration of dual WAN routers and network switches for redundancy so your business data and VoIP traffic functions in the event of hardware or ISP failure. We also offer proactive monitoring options so, should a vital component go offline text or other alerts are automatically sent to key employees and our consultants can take immediate action to resolve the issue.

Home and Home Office Networking Solutions

Our friendly technicians can come into your home to set up a secure home network, wired or wireless, or troubleshoot your existing network. By creating a Local Area Network (LAN), you are able to quickly and reliably share your internet connection, as well as files, printers, and other networked resources between the computers in your home or office. As this capability is necessary in almost every environment, we have established a set rate structure for this service (LAN Installation). Please check our per incident support page for pricing and options. Additionally, we are able to provide a wide variety of options to access your data or systems on a LAN remotely including SSH secured Remote Desktop access and SFTP.

Low Voltage Wiring and Video Surveillance Installation

Low voltage wiring is essentially any non-electrical wiring that may be needed to build the information infrastructure you require. This includes CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, coax, and any type of telephone or video cabling.

In addition to the setup and configuration of your vital networking hardware, DKS Computer Services has established partnerships which allow us to contract professional installation of any low voltage wiring needed to create a stable and reliable networked environment at highly competitive rates. These partnerships also allow us the ability to deploy and manage video surveillance systems. Through these arrangements, we are able to ensure you have the proper infrastructure to meet your needs as we have experience working closely with the individual wiring technicians performing your installation. Also this provides you the convenience of having all of your network installation services and expenses listed on a single invoice.

DKS Computer Services is a Denver IT Consulting firm. Our primary services include: Information Technology Consulting and Administration, Network Security and Management, Business Email Solutions, Computer Repair, Computer Virus Removal, and much more.

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